Thursday, 16 November 2017

Dina Wakley 2nd Post and Giveaway

Hi, yes I know, where have I been this last week?  This post should have been just under 2 weeks ago but I'm afraid I came down with the lurgy.  I still have the stupid lurgy but I do feel better in myself.  A bad cold has left my sinuses in a rage and I also have laryngitis, my poor puppy has only heard a voice that sounds like a strangled mouse (yep that was my sister saying!!!! lol).
Today I am back with a journal page using Dina Wakley's products.  Now this time I haven't got a tutorial, I believe this is the only one that doesn't have a full tutorial.  The page today is the left side, as you know I have had a hard year and this page started bright but I could feel a darkness in me, I love colour but I was feeling like my colour was floating away.  The other page as you can see I am beating the darkness and colour is coming back.  This page will be shown in a few days with a full tutorial. :-).  Don't forget I have a total of 6 posts and this is the 2nd one.  If you comment on any of the posts you will have a chance of winning some of the products I have been using (picture at the end of the post).  The rest of the posts shall be over the next two weeks so I can get the winner in the post by beginning of December (eeeeeek can't believe we are there already lol). 

Today I am showing the left page of this journal spread.
The tutorial I have on the right page will be up in a few days
and I tried to use the same techniques to show you how the left
page was done :-).
Product details at the bottom of the post.

Each comment on any of the Dina Wakley posts will be
included in a giveaway, if you comment on each post you get
6 chances :-).

Right I shall be off, I have to give puppy a bath as she is being spade tomorrow.  Yep I am mega nervous as she also has to have her ears excessively plucked and baby teeth removed.

Here she is, my sister got her a jumper for if it gets cold.
I'm not sure that Poppi is impressed lol.
Bye Bye

Product List
Dina Wakley - 
Stencils - graphic shapes, the basics, organic shapes, bullseye, birds, plastic canvas, daisies
Stamps - circle patterns
Paints - gilt, black gesso, lemon, white, magenta, fuchsia, ruby, tangerine, night, sterling
Mediums - white gesso, gel medium
Dina's tools
Scribble Sticks - night
Other - 
Mark Making - ear buds, bubble wrap, fingers, dot brayer
Stencils - The Crafter's Workshop (mini kaleidoscope, mini punchinella)
Dreamweaver Wendy Vecchi translucent embossing paste
Posca paint pen - white

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Dina Wakley Facebook Autumn Challenge and Giveaway

Hi I know it's been awhile, I think all the deaths this year caught up with me and I have been hiding myself.  I have healed through art and spent loads of time just being in the moment.  Next year I plan to do a few sets of reviews of products I have plus giveaways.  I had the idea purely to help me use the mass of products I have lol.  I started earlier then expected so for the next couple of weeks I will be show casing the amazing Dina Wakley products.  During this time for every comment I receive on the posts that review Dina's products you will be entered into the giveaway of the products below.  So if you comment on every post then you get 7 chances of winning :-).  Most have the posts will also have full tutorials like the one today.  All the products I used will be listed at the bottom of the page.
I have also linked the products for UK buyers to That's Crafty as I buy all my Dina Wakley supplies from there. 

The giveaway are Dina's products of scribble sticks, 5 small paints, a stencil and
a small glazing fluid.

Over on Dina Wakley Media Tribe Facebook they have a challenge every
month and October's challenge was Autumn so here is what I made.

Some close up picks :-)

I bought the new Journal by Dina and wow it is amazing.
It also had different types of pages and one this I wanted to show in
some of the tutorials is how much these pages can take even the burlap and canvas.
To start with I used Dina's white gesso on the left page but on the right page which was 
the canvas I used Dina's stamp set woodcuts with gesso.

Next I sprayed water all over the canvas part.

Then I sprayed Adirondack color wash spray butterscotch first then lettuce and after
that wild plum, always adding water.  You don't seem to find these sprays much
anymore but a good alternative wood be Dylusions Sprays.  The next photos show
my progress with the sprays. 

I resprayed each colour a second time.

Next I used an acrylic ink I had lurking about which is Daler Rowney liquid
acrylic pearlescent autumn gold with water.

close up, I love how the gesso resists the sprays.

I added this photo purely because it made me laugh.  It was quite warm during
the middle of October and I decided to put this out to dry on a plant pot.
I have a new puppy toy poodle who is just turning 6 months old next week.
She went outside to play, turned and saw this and nearly had a heart attack,
she ran back inside then kept poking her head out the door barking at it.
I thought wow surely it's not that bad!!!!  I think it was because
it was something new in her space lol.

Next I started with the left page.  I knew I wanted really autumnal colour's so
I had a play with mixing colours.  There are some closer pictures of this so you can
see the writing at the end of the post.

These are the colours I decided on.

Using Dina Wakley's paints - the yellow was lemon mixed with cheddar, the orange
was mixed with ruby and cheddar, the green was lapis and yellow, the red violet was
blackberry and ruby and the blue violet was lapis and fuchsia.
I also mixed gilt with fuchsia for a copper mix and also used gilt.

I firstly wet the page with a sponge at I didn't want it running all over the place.

Then I used each of the mixed paints in areas to cover the page.
The next photos show the process.

I then mixed the copper and the gilt with water and splashed it all over the page.

Next I sprayed lots of water.

Quickly I added plastic wrap, scrunched it up in places and left it dry.

Here is the outcome.  I could have left
it there as it really looked magical lol.

over both pages.

Next I remixed the yellow and orange but used a darker red violet mix which
was blackberry and fuchsia.  Also I used white.

Next I taped of part of the Dina's stencils leaves and viney to make
small leaves on the right page.  I used white to start with as I knew the spray colour
would seep through.  I went over twice with the white.
With each colour I also used Dina's stencil canvas on the left page.
The next few photos shows my progress.

Next I used my palette knife with a zig adhesive pen so I could add foil on both

I used Ranger foil sheets vintage and went really mad with it all lol.

Next I used Dina's stencil leaves but the masks parts to add a copper around
the edges of the left page.  I also had some mdf cuts of leaves but didn't use them.

Here you can see the richer copper I mixed.

Last year I was having a play and used watercolours and
then a Tim Holtz stencil with bead gel.
I then die cut these leaves.  I never actually used them.
They look so gorgeous that I thought I would use a few on the right page.
If you would like a tutorial on these then let me know.  They
would look nice as christmas foilage as well in different colours.

I added plum around the edges.

I used a journal pen to go around the leaves on both pages. I then
added a quote from Tim Holtz Idea-ology small talk occasions which
I forgot to take a photo of, but you can see it in the main pictures at the start
of the post.

Here are the photos of closer pictures of the colour palette I played around with.

That's it for now, another Dina Wakley's products post will be at the weekend.  Remember to comment so you have a chance at the giveaway, I will ship world wide.  Also comment if you want me to try something out for you using these products.

Happy Art :-)
Kezzy xxxxx

Products Used (links to products from That's Crafty are in the tutorial above)

Dina Wakley Products -
Mediums - white gesso
Paints - lapis, gilt, fuchsia, lemon, cheddar, ruby, blackberry, white
Stencils - vinery, plastic canvas, leaves
Stamps - woodcuts, textures

Other Products - 
Ranger Adirondack color sprays - lettuce, wild plum, butterscotch
Ranger Foil - vintage
Daler Rowney - acrylic in pearlescent autumn gold
Idea-ology - small talk occasions
Archival ink pad - plum
Uni pin find journal pen black
Zig glue
Leaves done last year